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Institute of Community Wellness & Athletics is an interdisciplinary team of health and wellness professionals who place the client at the center of our care. The client’s goal thus directs the care that we provide using an evidence based approach.

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Forgotten exercise programs, unused gym memberships, the barbells that are gathering dust… Anyone who’s ever tried achieving fitness goals on their own knows how easy it is to lose motivation and how hard it can be to push past those points where it seems like your progress has halted. Add in struggling with joint pain, stiff muscles and not being able to find the right exercise to achieve the results you want, and is it any wonder that it’s so hard to keep a wellness program going on your own?ICWA can help you discover that yes, everyone’s an athlete! With our exercise programs, nutrition planning and guidance, you can achieve your wellness goals and find out how to live comfortably with your body, your lifestyle and yourself.

Exercise Programs? More than That!

When setting out to follow a wellness program, are you choosing your options based on what you know about your own physical health? On what you’ve seen on TV or read about online? Everyone’s body has the same basic structure, but how you move, work, exercise and react to effort are all different. If you’re struggling to make progress with a generic wellness program, it’s because you’re not addressing your body’s individual needs.

ICWA has the training, techniques and time to devote to helping you pick the right exercises, nutrition and overall wellness program that will help you achieve the results you want. We can help you with:

With our educational background and environment, we’re not just helping people exercise; we’re teaching them how to use their bodies in a way that’s effective and healthy.

Treat, Correct, Perform

The Institute of Community Wellness & Athletics isn’t just a gym. We begin with an assessment of your body and movement, help “treat” your injury, pain or body, “correct” your movement and methods of exercise and get you to “perform” at your best. It’s a comprehensive approach with support available when you need someone to talk to about your progress. With our team of health and wellness professionals available to help you handle challenges and work for your goals, ICWA is ready to help you become the athlete you’re meant to be.

Do you want to move without pain? Have a responsive, healthy body that will keep up with your demands? We can help you achieve that! Contact us today to schedule your assessment!

Make a call to 505.715.4364 today and take the first step on the road to wellness!

We provide organizations professional support as a referral source for those with pain or injuries and wellness programs
to enhance quality of life and improve performance. Let us know how we can partner with your organization.
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