4 Strategies to Boost Your Workout Stamina

GettyImages 517231100 2 4 Strategies to Boost Your Workout Stamina

Warmer weather often brings with it a surge in motivation to get fit. If you’ve been steadily working toward increased fitness throughout the winter, you may be looking forward to longer, harder workouts. And that begs the question: “How do I boost my workout stamina?” We have four strategies to help you sustain your energy and endurance longer.

  1. Interval Training

Longer workouts alone can increase your stamina but with limited effectiveness. For a noticeable improvement in your workout stamina, you need to prevent your Continue reading “4 Strategies to Boost Your Workout Stamina”

3 Ways Sports Medicine Can Benefit You

getty 8487 3 Ways Sports Medicine Can Benefit YouMost people think sports medicine is just for athletes. It is, but here’s the thing—everyone is an athlete. ICWA provides sports medicine services that offer athletes in training, weekend warriors and reforming couch potatoes the support they need for best results.

Here are three ways that sports medicine can help you:

Safer, faster weight loss results

Whether you have been trying to shed those last 10 pounds for years or are new to a focused weight-loss program, you probably already know: Continue reading “3 Ways Sports Medicine Can Benefit You”

How to Get in Physically and Mentally Fit for Your CrossFit Competition

GettyImages 475386666 How to Get in Physically and Mentally Fit for Your CrossFit CompetitionWhether you’re a newbie or you’ve “been there, done that,” you know that preparing for a competition can make or break you on event day. Most likely you have put in a great deal of work to get ready for the competition already, but what else can you do to really make sure that you’ll have what it takes at the right time? When it comes to preparing for an upcoming CrossFit competition, you have to make sure you are all in—body and mind.

Physical Preparation

There is no shortcut to success when it comes to competing in at CrossFit. If you haven’t been training to win, you aren’t going to win. And this has to be considered months in advance. You can’t skate through or pull and all-nighter and realistically consider yourself prepared. Do the work. The trainers at ICWA can help you develop a training program in addition to the WODs available at Continue reading “How to Get in Physically and Mentally Fit for Your CrossFit Competition”

How to Enjoy Holiday Eating without the Guilt

GettyImages 8360127282 How to Enjoy Holiday Eating without the Guilt

You’ve already got one major holiday eating fest under your belt. If you were able to handle Thanksgiving gracefully, then that belt is still on the same notch. Yay, you! We hope Yuletide comes and goes as smoothly. If not, you still do not have to dread the coming Christmas and New Year’s feasting. Here’s how you can enjoy all the holiday delectables without the I-just-blew-my-fitness-program guilt. Continue reading “How to Enjoy Holiday Eating without the Guilt”

How to Condition and Strength Train Safely

The old saying “No pain, no gain” can be hazardous to your health, especially when starting a new fitness regimen. Rather than push yourself to the max and either burn out or become injured quickly (thereby putting an end to your fitness progress), ICWA would like to help you safely start and maintain your strength training and conditioning workouts. Here’s how…

Understanding Conditioning and Strength Training

First, a word about fitness terms. Often, conditioning and strength training are used interchangeably. Technically, they are two different fitness programs.

    Conditioning refers to the work necessary to achieve a desired fitness goal and/or level of athletic performance. You can condition to improve a wide variety of fitness areas—cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, balance, etc.

    Strength training, on the other hand, is more limited; it is a subset of Continue reading “How to Condition and Strength Train Safely”

5 Things You Will (Hopefully) Learn in Weightlifting

ICWA creates a supportive environment to help people serious about improving their health and a place to achieve their goals. As soon as you begin your weightlifting practice, you will find a whole new world of knowledge—about weightlifting and about yourself—open up. Here are some of the valuable lessons we hope you take away:

#1 The Gym Can Be Your Second Home

Intimidation prevents many people from getting the training or coaching and access to equipment they need to build their strength and agility. However, once you face your fears and walk through our doors, you’ll find a supportive community that Continue reading “5 Things You Will (Hopefully) Learn in Weightlifting”

Targeting Problem Areas – Core and Glutes

GettyImages 517231100 2 300x191 Targeting Problem Areas – Core and Glutes

ICWA can help you target common problem areas so that you can enjoy a sexier body and increased mobility.

When Core and Glutes Are Problem Areas

Most people come to ICWA wanting to target their core and glutes because they want to look better in their clothes and in the buff. Of course, ICWA trainers will develop a program to target these highly visible areas. However, our trainers may target these areas for a different reason Continue reading “Targeting Problem Areas – Core and Glutes”

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work…and What Will

GettyImages 625675312 2 300x201 Why Fad Diets Don’t Work…and What WillThere are more than a million reasons why you may want to lose weight. There are also more than a million ways to go about weight loss. Over the years, countless fad diets have cropped up promising fast results. The problem is that those results are short-lived. For healthy, lasting weight loss, you’re better served going about it the old-fashioned way: healthy eating and exercise.
Continue reading “Why Fad Diets Don’t Work…and What Will”

Stop Making These Five Weightlifting Mistakes

GettyImages 601902710 300x200 Stop Making These Five Weightlifting Mistakes

Olympic weightlifting is excellent exercise to build muscle, develop strength and improve athletic performance. However, you won’t see any of those gains if you’re doing it wrong. These are five weightlifting no-no’s that ICWA coaches will help you avoid for better results:

Continue reading “Stop Making These Five Weightlifting Mistakes”

Soreness vs. Injury: What’s Normal, When You Need Care

GettyImages 511975182 300x186 Soreness vs. Injury: What’s Normal, When You Need Care

When you start Olympic weightlifting training at ICWA, or any other exercise program for that matter, you’re going to “feel the burn.” But it’s important to pay attention to that burn so that you know whether your muscles (and ligaments and tendons) are just going through normal recovery or screaming for medical attention. Here’s how to tell the difference:

Soreness and Aches—Normal

When you exercise, particularly when you do anaerobic exercises to build and tone muscle, like weightlifting and interval training, two things happen: Continue reading “Soreness vs. Injury: What’s Normal, When You Need Care”