Albuquerque’s Going Beyond the Basics

Once you’ve completed an introductory course or you’ve handled a fitness program on your own for a period of time, you need a better challenge. That’s why ICWA offers higher level fitness courses! You can benefit from the same intimate, friendly atmosphere and professional help that our beginners to, and we’ll adjust the programs to help you set goals. Then we’ll help you turn those goals into achievements!

Intermediate Exercise Programs

If you’ve been working on weightlifting for a while, you may have hit a plateau. All you can do is add more weight to the bars, right?

%name Albuquerque’s Going Beyond the BasicsIntermediate Weightlifting: Barbell Training will go a step beyond just adding plates to your bar or reps to your set. We’ll build on the lifts that we teach in our Intro to Weightlifting, and then progress into derivatives of Olympic Weightlifting. You don’t have to be going for the gold to benefit from the improved posture and mechanics, improved mobility, stability and strength or the appropriate progressions.

You can take this new level of fitness and move into Olympic Weightlifting: Level 1. Anyone can benefit from the optimized power and strength and solid foundations on technique. As weight training builds strength, improves bone density and helps regain lost muscle mass, it can benefit anyone in any sport or at any level. Have you finished our first level? Olympic Weightlifting: Level 2 will help you refine your stance, technique and help you push past that plateau and onto new achievements.

Additional Support Available

ICWA is here to help you reach your fitness goals, and we provide more than just a safe space to lift weights in. Gain mental tools for improving your game by consulting about sports psychology. Address your soft tissue health and learn more about performance nutrition. Take advantage of our athletic performance programs to find where you can really push yourself onto a new fitness level.

After an assessment to determine your core performance and a discussion to understand your goals, our team will create an exercise program that will help you go beyond what you already know. Everyone’s an athlete, so make yourself into a better athlete than you were yesterday! Contact us to schedule your assessment and we’ll continue your fitness education and achievements.

Get over that plateau! Call 505.715.4364 today and continue your fitness progress!