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The human body is designed to have a specific posture that allows it to work at its maximum level. However, people pick up bad habits such as slouching, dragging their feet, compensating for a sore leg with the other and more. These habits can affect the body by causing joint pain, misalignment, muscle stiffness and reduce the body’s ability to function.

correctiveexercise Albuquerque’s Exercise SpecialistsCorrective exercise, like the programs offered at ICWA, address those issues and train you and your body back into healthy, natural movement.

Corrective Exercise: What It Is

Bad habits, like slouching, basically train your muscles, tendons and ligaments into acting in a specific way. Repetitive motion causes strain on joints; when you
compensate, you’re only relieving the strain on one joint by putting more pressure on another.

Corrective exercise is a form of exercise program that helps train your body back into the healthy posture it needs. By loosening stiff muscles, strengthening underused muscle groups and teaching the right way to sit, walk and move, corrective exercise enhances the natural biomechanics. This reduces the negative stress being put on certain parts of the body and improves functional performance, reduces pain, improves strength and flexibility and helps give an overall sense of well-being.

We Can Treat and Correct to Let You Perform

With the right corrective exercise program, injuries, aches, pains and joint problems have a long-term solution. There’s no worry about medication for pain management or causing further damage to an aching joint when an exercise specialist is guiding you through the right treatment.

ICWA focuses on addressing everyone as an individual. After an assessment to determine what needs to be corrected, our team will create a program designed specifically for you. With our expertise in sports nutrition, psychology, massage and athletic performance, we create more than just a set of movements for you. We work with you to create an entire wellness program that will give you the well-being you deserve.

You don’t have to suffer aching joints or stiff muscles! Contact us today and schedule your assessment to get your very own corrective exercise program created. Start feeling better now!

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