Injury Rehabilitation in Albuquerque

An injury causes more than just physical pain when it occurs. For an athlete, injuries could mean time lost in developing greater physical abilities. For a person who’s suffered an accident, it could mean loss of muscle tissue, complications or losing range of motion or function. This is why injury specialists are available at ICWA to help you recover your full physical ability after an injury had happened.

How Does Injury Rehabilitation Work?

After the injury has fully healed, there’s often a span of time where regular exercise isn’t possible. This means care has to be taken in working the injured area back up to full strength. Once the area has been examined, the nature of the injury discussed and the injury has fully healed, the next step is to restore a full range of motion and function to the area.

injury rehab 300x199 Injury Rehabilitation in AlbuquerqueInjury specialists, such as ICWA’s Nathanael Smith, can help create an exercise plan to restore range of motion, flexibility, normal usage and strength after an injury has healed. Through a process of continual examination and rehabilitative exercise, your injured area can be brought back to full functionality. The key is continual evaluation and adjusting the therapy accordingly to ensure no further injury and to help you reach individual goals.

Our Injury Specialist Works With a Full Team!

At ICWA, you become part of a team that’s dedicated to helping you recover your full range of motion, quality of living and comfort that you had before your injury. With the help of our dedicated fitness specialists, you’ll be able to make the lifestyle changes to bring your fitness level up to where you want it.

We will treat your specific needs and correct your physical activity to help you perform at your best. With a treatment plan tailored specifically to you and our welcoming, supportive team to help you reach every goal, you can count on ICWA to get you back to the athlete you were. Contact us today and schedule your assessment!

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