Our Olympic Weightlifting Program

The focus on athleticism, technique and performance is what makes our Olympic Weightlifting programs beneficial for everyone , from serious competitors to those of us who want to improve our strength.

Our Olympic Weightlifting programs are designed to maximize athleticism, coordination, power and strength. ICWA provides two programs that focus on progress and evidence-based activity while teaching safe technique.

Why Weightlifting?

If you’re not focused on competing, why should you try weight training? Well, do you want:

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  • Increased physical work capacity?
  • Improved bone density?
  • Reduced body fat percentage?
  • Stronger connective tissue?

Weightlifting promotes all of these physical benefits. Incorporating functional movement into a weightlifting program not only places greater demand on the body’s core musculature but encourages safe practices. The lifts—the snatch and the clean and jerk—done in Olympic weightlifting programs must be done correctly to prevent injury.

We offer Weightlifting Club Memberships!
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Olympic Weightlifting Programs: Level 1 & 2

Level 1 is a 13 week program, evidence-based and progressive, with a focus on education. This provides you with the tools to implement the movements properly, both in-session and on your own. The program’s end focus is to help you achieve:

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  • Proficiency in the style of Olympic lifting: snatch, clean and jerk
  • Solid foundation in squat and deadlift technique
  • Improved posture and mechanics
  • Optimized power and strength
  • Improved stability, mobility and flexibility

Level 2 is an 12 week advanced program with a greater emphasis on competition lift performance, especially the snatch and clean and jerk. Beginning with a high-volume emphasis on squats, pulls and presses, the program incorporates competition lift variations and then primarily focuses on competition lifting.

Both programs include a guest speaker on performance nutrition and its importance, led by our RDN Jonathan Smith, and support from our sports medicine professional, Nathanael Smith. ICWA utilizes continual evaluation and individual assessments to ensure that every step of the program is addressing your ability and improving your levels. Contact us today to sign up for our next class!

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