Learn About Complete Nutrition, Albuquerque!

To exercise, the body needs fuel. That fuel comes in delicious forms and, when consumed in moderation, all of those forms can be part of a complete nutrition plan. Complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and healthy fats are all absolutely necessary to keep your performance at peak level. Understanding the science behind nutrition can be complex; this is why ICWA provides nutrition counseling to give you practical solutions for healthy living.

Complete Nutrition Is For Everyone

Whether you’re looking to reach a new level in your sports career or you want to achieve a new level of fitness to feel and look better, nutrition is part of that process. There’s more to nutrition issues than the obesity epidemic; nutrition affects how you feel, look, think and act. Without the right nutrients available, your body can’t respond well to daily activities, much less fitness training.

Nutrition counseling teaches you how to address your nutrition needs without excessive dieting or unhealthy food choices. With a professional’s help, you can discover any unhealthy food behaviors, create an eating plan that addresses your needs and maintains the level of fuel your body needs to perform.

How ICWA Handles Nutrition Counseling

We understand that nutrition touches everything we do. From fitness programs to corrective exercise to Olympic weightlifting, people need to eat to exercise effectively! The overall pattern of your diet is the most important focus of healthy eating. This is why we work with you to provide a plan that will fit your lifestyle, optimize your health and help you achieve your goals.

Complete nutrition doesn’t mean eating nothing but salads or avoiding everything that you enjoy eating. With evidence-based nutrition planning and ICWA’s help, you can keep eating delicious foods and turn your fitness goals into achievements. Contact us today to schedule your first assessment and we’ll get started!

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