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Corrective Exercise-Posture and Movement: Corrective exercise is designed to find imbalances or deficits in your body, posture and movement that could cause issues and fix it.

Fitness Programs-Exercise Courses: Have you completed basic fitness courses? Are you looking for a challenge? ICWA has the ability to adjust programs to suit your needs, whether you’re a beginner or expert!

Physical Therapy-Pain Management: Physical therapy can be a key part of pain management, and ICWA can help you get comfortably moving to help manage your chronic pain!

Dietary counseling-Albuquerque Fitness: Nutrition impacts every aspect of life, and when you’re working to achieve new levels of fitness, you need the right fuel to succeed. ICWA’s dietary counseling helps you make practical changes for your nutrition needs.

Professional Wellness-Exercise Program: If you’re going to invest your time, sweat and energy into pursuing a better state of wellness, make sure that you’re getting the most out of your effort. Professional advice and guidance from ICWA can show you how to get the results you need and keep you motivated to try just one more rep!

Sports Medicine-Athletic Injuries: Sports medicine is focused on helping people improve their athletic performance; recover from injuries and prevention of future injuries.

Exercise Program-Workout Routines: You can find videos, how-to guides and get advice from friends and family on exercise programs easily, but what about effective, expert help? ICWA can create workout routines to help you turn your goals into achievements and regain wellness!

Chronic Pain-Nerve Wellness: About 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. ICWA utilizes a comprehensive approach to wellness to help people overcome their pain and regain their quality of life.

Professional Athletes-Athletic Performance: Even professional athletes start somewhere. ICWA has athletic programs beginning with the very basics to help you turn your goals into achievements.

Core Training-Athletic Performance: Athletic performance is what lets an athlete reach for the next goal, achieve the next level in training and win the next game. It’s also what helps you turn goals into achievements, and ICWA is here to help you improve yours.

Non-emergent Injury-Injury Rehabilitation: If you’ve suffered a non-emergent injury, it may seem like too much of a hassle to visit a doctor for help. ICWA provides injury assessment and rehabilitation.

Injury Rehabilitation-Range of Motion Specialist: An injury doesn’t keep you out of the game forever. With the right rehabilitation from ICWA, you can enjoy the same comfortable range of motion and ability that you had before

Nutrition Counseling-Healthy Athlete: Food is fuel for your body, and ignoring the importance of nutrition just isn’t an option for an athlete.

Athletic Performance-Sports Nutrition: Athletic performance takes fuel to achieve, and sports nutrition teaches you how to make optimal choices for the best possible results.

Weightlifting-Olympic Program: Do you want to know how the pros handle weightlifting? Their techniques and style? Our Olympic weightlifting program is designed to teach you how to do it safely and successfully for any and all levels!

Soccer Training-Sport Specific: It’s not training for soccer, tennis or basketball. It’s sport specific training and anyone can do it!

Strength Training-Performance Conditioning: Improving your body’s performance means developing strength and endurance. This is the focus of strength and conditioning training: to help you gain greater use out of your body.

Strength Training-Albuquerque Health: Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders; it has a myriad of health benefits that everyone can appreciate. ICWA offers strength training for everyone who wants to improve their physical health and ability.

Professional Instructors-Certified Coaches: We’re not just aerobics instructors or coaches. At ICWA, our team is a group of closely knit, certified professionals who apply experience and expertise to benefit everyone who comes through our doors.

Albuquerque Athletes-Muscle Training: Everyone’s an athlete, and we can prove it to you. ICWA focuses on changing lives, not just building extra muscle.

Albuquerque Trainers-Fitness Programs: Why should you choose any fitness program provider? Because they meet your needs and understand how to really help you achieve your goals. That’s what we do here at ICWA.

Crossfit Workout of the Day-Albuquerque Daily Program Schedule: ICWA is home to Albuquerque’s Big Barn CrossFit, and we offer the WOD multiple times each workout day and intro instruction to help you get started. Contact us to schedule an initial assessment.

Albuquerque Crossfit-Fitness Workout Classes: ICWA is home to Albuquerque’s Big Barn CrossFit where you can start improving your overall fitness and performance as intended by CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman.

Weightlifting Training-Albuquerque Olympic Lifting Classes: ICWA in Albuquerque, NM offers weight lifting instruction for lifters of any age, experience and fitness level. Contact us to learn more about upcoming classes or to schedule your initial fitness assessment.

Albuquerque Postural Restoration-Certified Alignment Therapy: ICWA is the only place in Albuquerque with Postural Restoration Trained™ (PRT) trainer, allowing us to provide Postural Restoration® treatment to help you achieve pain relief and improved performance.

Albuquerque K-Tape Sports Medicine-Rocktape Injury Treatment: The sports medicine team at ICWA in Albuquerque, NM has the training to help you get the most pain relief and performance enhancement from RockTape®, the most advanced k-tape and taping method available.

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