Dietary Counseling Available for Albuquerque

The idea of ‘eating right’ is familiar to almost everyone, but it’s more complicated than you might realize. Did you know that eating regular white bread can have the same effect on your body as candy? Or that many fresh fruits contain antioxidants that benefit your body in ways that have nothing to do with weight loss? A dietician makes it their business to know what types of dietary habits are best for different lifestyles. And nutrition counseling gives you that knowledge, along with the guidance to make changes that will become habits.

%name Dietary Counseling Available for Albuquerque

ICWA includes dietary counseling in our evidence-based programs designed to help you achieve the wellness goals you set.

What is Nutrition Counseling?

People are often reluctant to talk about their dietary habits because they’re worried about being lectured on their choices. That is not what nutrition counseling involves at ICWA.

Dietary counseling involves taking a look at what your dietary habits are and planning practical ways to adjust them for your nutrition needs. An athlete requires more carbohydrates and not nearly as much protein as people commonly believe. Some medications may react adversely with certain types of food, and different exercise goals require different types of fueling.

Nutrition counseling takes a look at your dietary habits, and then provides practical solutions to help you develop the habits needed to achieve your wellness goals. It’s not a rapid overhaul of your eating habits; it’s a progressive series of changes to help you create habits that become part of your lifestyle.

Incorporating Dietary Counseling into Fitness

The point of seeking expert aid in creating and following a wellness plan is to feel better, and nutrition is one of the key steps in that process. At ICWA, we begin forming every plan, whether it’s for corrective exercise or Olympic weightlifting, with an assessment. Once we know where you’re starting and what we’re working towards, our team develops an individual wellness program to help you turn goals into achievements.

Nutrition counseling helps by showing you how to achieve optimal nutrition with practical solutions for your lifestyle. The total diet or overall pattern of food eaten is the most importance focus of healthy living; we’ll show you how to fit all foods into this plan with proper consumption and appropriate portion size.

Take control of your wellness and your life without fear of being shamed. Contact us today and schedule your assessment!

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