Learn About Nutrition for Athletes, Albuquerque!

Any athletic pursuit means you’re going to need fuel for your body, but did you know there’s more to sports nutrition than loading up on protein? That you need more carbs than protein? That water is basically a nutrient for athletes?

If you want to achieve your best performance level, you need the right nutrition to do so. ICWA’s wellness programs include dietary counseling to help you understand exactly what nutrition you need to be the best athlete you can be, regardless of whether you play sports or not!

The Right Nutrition for Athletes

Performance enhancement doesn’t require supplements! That’s what proper sports nutrition is for. Based on the type of exercise you’re doing and the level of wellness you’re striving to achieve, adjustments in your diet can provide the extra help your body needs.

static1.squarespace Learn About Nutrition for Athletes, Albuquerque!An oft-heard belief is that athletes need extra protein. This is true for muscle building, but even bodybuilders don’t need the amounts of protein that many people think. Athletes of all kinds also need extra carbohydrates to provide energy for their exercising bodies.

Our Sports Nutrition Expertise

One of the specialties that we focus on at ICWA is improving your wellness through an evidence-based program. This includes teaching the value of sports nutrition. After an assessment to determine your fitness level, what goals you want to achieve and how we can help you do that, our team creates a wellness program specifically for you.

This includes teaching nutrition for athletes. Our philosophy is that everyone’s an athlete, so this includes you even if you’re not training for a competitive event. We’ll show you practical ways to improve your fitness levels, incorporate sports nutrition into your lifestyle and help you turn your goals into achievements.

Sports nutrition is for everyone, and when you contact us, we’ll show you how it will work for you.

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