Strength Training for Albuquerque

Lifting weights is an exercise that often comes with preconceived notions. People may think it’s only for men, only for bodybuilders or won’t help them develop greater endurance or coordination. ICWA knows the value of weight training for everyone trainer 199x300 Strength Training for Albuquerquefrom professional athletes to individuals just wanting to improve their fitness.

What is Strength Training?

The technical definition for strength training is physical exercise focusing on the use of resistance to cause muscular contraction to the point of overload. Essentially, resistance in weight training causes microscopic tears in the muscle tissue that the body repairs. This breakdown of muscle tissue leads to the body repairing it for greater strength and endurance.

Are There Other Benefits?

A misconception that arises is that strength training is only for people looking to gain bulky muscle. Weight training can be used for that purpose, but it also:

  • Increases skeletomuscular strength
  • Creates a stronger support for joints
  • Prevents loss of muscle tissue
  • Stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • Increases levels of hormones that stimulate improved mood
  • Helps prevent development of some inflammatory diseases
  • Promotes increased bone density

Strength training with ICWA combines a number of training methods to create the most effective program for individual needs. Resistance, plyometric, speed-endurance, agility and aerobic endurance training are all utilized to ensure that your fitness goals are fully met.

How We Do Weight Trainingtrain 300x199 Strength Training for Albuquerque

ICWA believes in evidence-based methods to teach you the right way to train and perform. We want you to achieve your fitness goals safely, improve your health and feel better about your wellness achievements. This is why we teach proper mechanics, techniques and exercise progression; everyone’s an athlete, and we’ll coach you into realizing that includes you, too.

Take advantage of the benefits—mental and physical!—of strength training and contact us today to get your assessment scheduled.

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