Welcome to ICWA, Albuquerque

Once you’ve made the decision to join our fitness programs, we begin providing you with the best wellness training, assistance and coaching available. ICWA is dedicated to helping you reach your optimal fitness through whatever program will best suit you and your needs. Everyone’s an athlete; we simply show people how to discover that and attain their fitness goals.

Begin With an Assessment

Your job is to be the athlete; ours is to show you how to do so. This means an assessment is necessary to determine how to create that path to wellness. No two people have the same injuries, need the same attention or have the same way of moving—we design programs that are flexible enough to suit the individual.

If you’ve had an acute injury or suffer from chronic pain, you can opt for an assessment with our certified and licensed Sports Medicine professional, Nathanael Smith. He will evaluate the injury or area where you feel pain and prepare an appropriate treatment plan. Not only do our assessments help us know how to help you, but they tell intro assessment 300x199 Welcome to ICWA, Albuquerqueyou where you’re beginning. A health and movement assessment will put look at things like resting measurements, lung function, movement analysis and more.

When you know where you’re beginning, it’ll be much clearer to see your progress months down the road.

Selecting the Right Plan

After your assessment has shown both you and the ICWA team where you’re beginning and what the goals are, a program is developed for you. Our approach integrates health and fitness awareness, nutrition, sports psychology, anatomy and physiology, proper strength training and more. There is no one correct way for everyone; you’re an individual and your program will be developed with that in mind.

Whether you’ve come to us for help with corrective exercise, endurance training or you’re an aspiring Olympic weightlifter; the end result is the same. Everyone’s an athlete, including you.

We Help You Become Your Optimal Self

Everyone has the capacity and capability to reach their fitness goals; ICWA provides the expertise to make that journey fulfilling and successful. We work with you to answer questions, address concerns and keep you exercising effectively and safely. You can have optimal wellness; contact us today and schedule your assessment to begin!


Call 505.715.4364 and discover what we can do for you and your health!