Weight-lifting Classes for All Levels in Albuquerque, New Mexico

ICWA is on a mission to help you evolve into your best self…no matter where you are starting from. We have a variety of weight-lifting classes to meet you at your current level and take you to the next—safely and with confidence!

Weightlifting Overview

Historically, weightlifting (one word) has referred to the techniques and practice of Olympic weightlifting. However, lifting weights is a training strategy that can build muscle, strength and endurance for enhanced performance in any sport. ICWA offers instruction that allows you to explore the entire world of weight-lifting.

Our classes include:

Both levels of Olympic Weightlifting include instruction in proper form for various weightlifting equipment and techniques.

For beginners who do not yet feel ready for an Olympic Weightlifting class, we offer one-on-one instruction. Our Introduction to Weight-lifting consists of six individual sessions that you schedule with a trainer at your convenience. Topics covered in this introductory “course” include:

  • Body mechanics and form
  • Proper use of barbells, dumb bells and kettle bells
  • How to recognize when you are ready to increase weight-lifting intensity

We encourage most new members to complete this introductory instruction as it gives our trainers ample opportunity to assess and instruct athletes in proper weight-lifting form, which is essential to injury prevention.

How to Start Your Weight-Lifting Program

Getting started at ICWA is easy. Just contact us or schedule an initial assessment online. This assessment is required so that we have the opportunity to learn about your current fitness level, experience and goals. We will determine which weight-lifting class is best suited for you. Introductory instruction is often available as one-on-one sessions with a trainer and may be scheduled at your convenience. Olympic Weightlifting groups are always forming, but you may have to wait for the next scheduled start date. Check our Events page for upcoming classes at our Albuquerque gym.

No matter what weight-lifting experience you have (or don’t), we have the class for you! Call 505.715.4364 today!