5 Things You Will (Hopefully) Learn in Weightlifting

ICWA creates a supportive environment to help people serious about improving their health and a place to achieve their goals. As soon as you begin your weightlifting practice, you will find a whole new world of knowledge—about weightlifting and about yourself—open up. Here are some of the valuable lessons we hope you take away:

#1 The Gym Can Be Your Second Home

Intimidation prevents many people from getting the training or coaching and access to equipment they need to build their strength and agility. However, once you face your fears and walk through our doors, you’ll find a supportive community that Continue reading “5 Things You Will (Hopefully) Learn in Weightlifting”

Targeting Problem Areas – Core and Glutes

GettyImages 517231100 2 300x191 Targeting Problem Areas – Core and Glutes

ICWA can help you target common problem areas so that you can enjoy a sexier body and increased mobility.

When Core and Glutes Are Problem Areas

Most people come to ICWA wanting to target their core and glutes because they want to look better in their clothes and in the buff. Of course, ICWA trainers will develop a program to target these highly visible areas. However, our trainers may target these areas for a different reason Continue reading “Targeting Problem Areas – Core and Glutes”

CrossFit: Is It Suitable for All Ages?

inter weight 199x300 CrossFit: Is It Suitable for All Ages?The average group visible in fitness videos tend to range in age from their late teens to early thirties, so that’s the age group usually associated with fitness work. But that’s not the sole demographic of people who want better mobility, greater strength and more stamina. Every age group benefits from regular physical exercise, and CrossFit focuses on using Continue reading “CrossFit: Is It Suitable for All Ages?”

What is CrossFit Training?

home top image 300x252 What is CrossFit Training?CrossFit is a workout philosophy that focuses on core strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning using functional movements. Since launching in 1996, thousands of CrossFit affiliated gyms are now spread across 142 countries. With “routine is the enemy” as its motto, CrossFit utilizes a wide range of high-intensity compound and cardio exercises to target 10 key areas of physical development.

A Total Body Workout

The workout program is so effective because it pushes participants to Continue reading “What is CrossFit Training?”

What Is Olympic Weightlifting, Exactly?

snatch 300x199 What Is Olympic Weightlifting, Exactly?Weightlifting is recognized as an essential activity to build and tone muscles as well as improve endurance and explosive strength. But not all weightlifting is Olympic weightlifting. What is Olympic weightlifting, exactly? It is a competitive weightlifting event governed by the rules and guidelines of the U.S. (and International) Olympic Committee.

Olympic Weightlifting Objective
Of course the object of competitive weightlifting is to lift the more weight than your competitors, but there is more to it than that. The amount of weight attempted varies by weight class, which is different for men and women. All lifts must be executed according to Olympic standards, and there are two or three judges who evaluate if a lift is successfully completed for failed.

Olympic Weightlifting Lifts
There are two types of lifts performed for Olympic weightlifting events:

• Snatch
• Clean and Jerk

While both movements require lifting a weighted barbell from the floor to Continue reading “What Is Olympic Weightlifting, Exactly?”

Strength Training – Not Just for Bodybuilders

oly1c 199x300 Strength Training – Not Just for BodybuildersWhen you think of strength training, what comes to mind? Is it the image of a bulky bodybuilder type doing an Olympic-style lift or straining to curl an enormous dumbbell? That’s certainly one type of strength training, but it’s definitely not the only one. In reality, strength training is something that anyone can do – and everyone can benefit from it.

Continue reading “Strength Training – Not Just for Bodybuilders”

Health & Movement Assessments

Before you embark on a new fitness training program, it is important to establish baseline measurements for comparative purposes. ICWA’s comprehensive health and movement assessment will help you learn about your body and identify specific issues that deserve attention. As your personalized fitness program progresses, you will be able to see the actual results quantified by data recorded throughout the entire process. Injury recovery, sports performance, fitness regimes and physical therapy are activities that benefit from a comprehensive health and movement evaluation. Understanding the current condition of your body is essential to developing a plan to improve your overall sense of health and well-being. At ICWA, we know how a full-body assessment relates directly to fitness awareness.

The Health Assessment Process

A health assessment is a critical tool we use to gain an in-depth understanding of your health and lifestyle. Once you have received medical clearance to engage in a fitness program, we evaluate your Continue reading “Health & Movement Assessments”