Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation in Albuquerque

Did you know that without treatment, even minor injuries like a pulled muscle can turn into persistent conditions? Accurate identification of injuries and appropriate treatment, including physical therapy, is necessary to prevent something small from turning into something that requires surgery later.

ICWA provides injury assessment and rehabilitation for non-emergent injuries, helping you avoid the doctor’s office and stay healthy!

Injury Assessment

A complete assessment begins with a history of the injury. Our sports medicine professional will ask whether there was direct trauma, how the injury occurred, establish what portions injury assessment 300x199 Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation in Albuquerqueof the anatomy might be involved and gather complete information about the injury: how long has it been since the injury occurred, has any medical treatment been sought, etc.

After the verbal assessment, a physical examination is given to the injured area. Any bruising, swelling or distortion is noted, and range of passive motion is examined before you’re asked to engage in active motion. If a joint is involved, it may be stressed to check for ligament instability or palpated to examine for additional tenderness, swelling or muscle spasms.

Injury Rehabilitation

When we know the extent of the injury, including how far along it is on the road to healing, our team at ICWA will begin designing a rehabilitation plan for you. Every injury and every individual is different; this is why we create plans specific to individuals. Treatment of the injury to allow healing is only part of the rehabilitation process. We work on restoring flexibility, mobility, strength and endurance through evidence-based procedures.

It’s not enough to just let a knee rest until it stops hurting; to avoid chronic pain or causing further damage to your body, you need injury rehabilitation to gradually restore full usage of the injured area. We can help you avoid medication and costly medical treatments with our pain management, massage therapy and expert pain rehabilitation.

Don’t wait for something to hurt badly; contact us today and schedule your assessment to start your healing!

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