Sport Specific Training in Albuquerque

You don’t have to be a sports player or seeking competitive fitness to benefit from sport-specific training. The focus of the sport-specific training program is to create athletic performance enhancement. Improving strength, endurance, power, speed and agility all combine with the sport-specific skills to create a more capable athlete.
ICWA believes everyone’s an athlete, and our training program will help bring your inner sportsman out.

How Does Sport Specific Training Work?plyos 199x300 Sport Specific Training in Albuquerque

Casual and competitive sports both require speed, strength, mobility and endurance from the athletes that play them. But you don’t have to be involved in a particular sport or on a team to benefit from sport-specific training.

Designed to improve athletic performance, sport-specific training doesn’t focus on improving skills tied to a certain game. It’s designed to improve:
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  • strength
  • speed
  • flexibility
  • endurance
  • power

Including a strength training program adds an overall increase in physical capabilities. Not only does it improve bone density and prevents loss of muscle mass, but it works well with sport specific training to provide an extra degree of available strength.

Full Optimization of Your Athletic Capabilities

ICWA is available to help practicing, professional and aspiring athletes reach their highest potential. After an assessment, our team will design a sport specific training program just for you. Combining soft tissue health, dietary counseling, corrective exercise and group exercise, we focus on evidence-based programs that provide results.

%name Sport Specific Training in AlbuquerqueYou can include strength training programs, sports psychology and more in your sport specific training. Contact us today and schedule your assessment to start perfecting your athletic performance!

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