Get Your Exercise Programs, Albuquerque

There are literally thousands of workout routines available. And all of them have a guarantee, a testimonial or a promise that they’ll be effective. Everyone knows that an exercise program is as effective as the effort you put into it, but often you have to adapt what you get to try and reach your individual goals.

ICWA takes a more direct route by creating workout routines aimed at helping you turn your goals into achievements.

Our Workout Routines are Your Routines

Beginning with an assessment to determine your core performance and fitness level, our team then works with you to create an exercise program aimed to accomplish your goals. There is no single standard; everyone’s an athlete and everyone requires different training to reach their peak fitness level.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be exercising alone. Not only do we focus on providing personalized attention; we have group exercise classes available. You can work on reaching your fitness goals with others IMG 6375 300x200 Get Your Exercise Programs, Albuquerquewho are striving for the same end. With a progressive, evidence-based model to structure our workout routines off of, ICWA helps you get results, not promises.

Specialty Programs Available!

Even people recovering from an injury or dealing with limited mobility need exercise. ICWA believes everyone’s an athlete and we provide exercise programs to help others realize that, too. With our expertise in soft tissue health, sports medicine and corrective exercise, we can help you regain your sense of well-being and achieve new wellness levels.

IMG 6308 300x200 Get Your Exercise Programs, AlbuquerqueTry our mobility series to increase flexibility and joint range of motion. Sign up for resistance training to increase your strength and improve bone density, or ask about sport specific training to improve your overall athletic performance. A workout routine can be as unique as you are. Contact us today to schedule your assessment and find out for yourself!

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