Wellness Programs for Albuquerque

Achieving a sense of well-being takes work. It’s even more difficult when you’re not sure what would be the most effective way of getting yourself on the road to wellness. ICWA provides assessments and expert guidance in helping you turn your wellness goals into achievements.

Whether you’re suffering from injury, illness or a simple loss of mobility and strength due to age or physical disability, we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

Working On Your Wellness Program

At ICWA, we begin with an assessment to determine your core performance level, learn about any injuries or illnesses that you may be dealing with and talk to you to find out what your fitness goals are. Our team then creates a wellness program designed specifically to address your needs and turn your goals into achievements.%name Wellness Programs for Albuquerque

We use massage therapy and focus on soft tissue health, include nutrition counseling to help you with practical solutions to nutrition needs and offer corrective exercise. If you need help getting over a mental roadblock, our sports psychology expertise can give you the mental tools you need to face challenges and win.

Everything From Group to Individual Programs

Achieving a new fitness level is a goal anyone can strive for. This is why ICWA provides a range of wellness programs to suit anyone’s lifestyle, goals and availability. We have functional strength and conditioning classes, group exercise, specialty programs and more!

With our focus on individual achievement and evidence-based programs, we create classes suitable for all fitness levels. Exercise can be modified based on individual needs, and we’re always available to provide personalized attention. Your wellness program will include progressive work that will improve your strength, power, agility, conditioning and flexibility. And you’ll look and feel better, too!

Contact us today and schedule your assessment to start your own wellness program and turn your fitness goals into achievements!

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