RockTape® for Training & Sports Performance in Albuquerque

Individualized strength training and exercise programs are not the only way ICWA can help athletes train to their top potential. Our sports medicine team can help with RockTape, the most advanced kinesiology tape (k-tape) and taping method available.

What Is RockTape®?

RockTape is advanced kinesiology tape that encourages movement of the skin, fascia and underlying tissues in a natural direction and/or range of motion.

RockTape is engineered to stick better and last longer—three to five days, on average per application. RockTape features:

  • Cotton and nylon fiber weave that allows the tape to stretch to nearly twice its length while remaining fixed along its width
  • An acrylic, latex-free, medical-grade (virtually hypoallergenic) adhesive

RockTape is not intended to be used like other sports tapes that limit movement to provide support. Instead, RockTape is applied using Functional Movement Techniques (FMT), for which trainers and physical therapists are trained.

How RockTape® Works

RockTape works by decompressing the skin and underlying tissue and increasing sensory input from the taped area to the brain (and back to the treatment area). Effects of this dual action include:

  • Reduced pain perception
  • Reduced swelling
  • Increased neurosensory input

An athlete does not have to experience pain or injury to benefit from RockTape. The “recoil” effect of the tape increases conscious awareness of posture and body mechanics, which encourage proper/ improved form. The tape also enhances proprioception, “the brain’s sense of where the body’s parts are in space and throughout movement.”*

RockTape® to Treat, Correct and Perform

To be clear, RockTape is not just a brand of tape for weight-lifting, and it isn’t your typical injury prevention or treatment. RockTape helps you perform, but only when it is applied correctly.

The sports medicine team at ICWA in Albuquerque, NM has the training to help you utilize RockTape to maximum benefit in your training program.

Our trainers can help you find out if RockTape is the best modality to improve your sports performance. Contact us to schedule an assessment.

Find out if RockTape® can help you elevate your training performance. Call 505.715.4364 today!

* Le Cara, E., Capobianco, S. and Agocs, S. (2016). FMT Basic® training course material (distributed electronically).