Expert Sports Medicine Available in Albuquerque

Athletes put enormous pressure on their bodies to perform, always trying to be stronger, faster and more dexterous. But they’re not the only ones who can benefit from sports medicine or who suffer from sports-related injuries. A casual basketball player can still damage a joint, someone suffering chronic pain needs effective pain management, and people looking to get the most out of their fitness program can all benefit from sports medicine.

This is where ICWA comes in.

DSC 0745 2 Expert Sports Medicine Available in AlbuquerqueThe Benefits of Sports Medicine

Designed to focus on how to treat, repair and encourage the body to reach its limits, sports medicine treats more than just sports-related injuries. Some of the things that can be addressed are:

Everyone’s an athlete, and anyone can suffer sports injuries or need advice on how to adjust their exercise habits to reach a greater level of fitness. Understanding how the body works allows our team at ICWA to guide you through recovering from injuries, managing chronic pain or achieving a fitness goal. With expert help, goals turn into achievements!

Treat, Correct, Perform

Whether you’ve come to ICWA for help with sports injuries or you simply want to see what sports medicine can do for you, we’ll begin with an assessment. Once we know what your situation is and what your goals are, we’ll design a program to meet your needs. You’re not going to be given an outline and told what to do; we work with you to encourage and help you through every step of the process.

Sports medicine is for everyone because everyone’s an athlete. Contact us to schedule your starting assessment today and see what our expertise can do for you!

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